Major Brands Oil offers a variety of marketing programs based around our customers needs. These programs are designed to:

  • Attract New Customers
  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Car Counts
  • Increase Ticket Averages
  • Increase Revenue

Customized marketing programs that can be designed and implemented at your business include:

  • Advertising Support (Print, Radio, TV, Internet, Direct Mail)
  • Signage and Imaging
  • Point Of Sale Signage and Merchandising
  • Exclusive Promotions (National or Customized Local Promotions)
  • Customer Loyalty and Reward Programs
  • Instant Expert Training
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Engine Warranty Programs
  • Shell EcoBox™ Dispensing Systems

Major Brands Oil has several marketing and advertising partners that provide our preferred customers exclusive discounts along with expert guidance on effective marketing that works for your specific business needs to maximize return on investment and get the best results.