Performax Filters

All automotive installers

Performax® brand filters are designed to meet or exceed your
expectations in three key areas: service, quality and price.

Benefits for You

  • Consistent and timely turnaround on orders
  • Market competitive

Benefits for Your Customers
Products guaranteed to meet fit, form and function for those
applications for which they are cataloged.

How it Works

  • Unit fill of SOPUS Products branded* filters is 98%+**= best in class based on the industry
  • Consistent 5–7 working days turnaround on orders, starting the day after the order is placed
  • 100% in stock on the top 80% of model numbers by volume for both oil and air filters
  • The right product mix for coverage without the additional expense
  • Filter line application coverage for import and domestic passenger cars and light trucks: Performax® oil filters = 99.6%; Performax® air filters = 97.5%; cabin air filters = 94%
  • Fast claims turnaround, generally taking 3–5 working days for oil filters and 10–14 working days for air filters
  • Paper and electronic application guides available
  • Filters can be used to retire business development funding purchase agreement obligations, depending upon contractual agreement
  • Consolidated oil filter line: fewer model numbers, greater coverage, less inventory expense
  • USCAR upgrades in advance of the industry***
  • Leads the independent aftermarket with the OE/OES redesign trend
  • Trilingual packaging supports entire North American market
  • Full line supplier—fill in back-end model numbers with manufacturer’s branded products
  • Ancillary filters are available in manufacturer’s branded products


  • SOPUS Products branded* filters are manufactured to high quality standards in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) test procedures and are guaranteed to meet fit, form and function for those applications for which they are cataloged.
  • Most spin-on oil filters are manufactured in the U.S.


  • Market competitive
  • Brand commitment and volume growth program incentives are available